In Need of a Construction Claims Consulting Firm?

From project owners to consultants, contractors and suppliers, construction projects involve many different parties. A successful construction project relies on all these parties understanding their contractual obligations and fulfilling them – and the contract itself being watertight on the details. Nevertheless, most construction projects have disputes. Many of these are resolved internally through communication and negotiation, with many people working on site not even aware that they are happening. However, in some cases – usually when the disputes result in claims situations - it proves impossible for disputes to be resolved without external support. This is where involving a construction claims consulting firm proves invaluable.


As construction claims consultants, we specialize in dispute resolution. The expert advice that we provide is based on your specific circumstances, ensuring that we provide the right information to support you during every step of your claim. We have experience in managing claims for owners, contractors, subcontractors, and more. 



Types of Construction Disputes We Can Help With


Our experienced and skilled construction claim experts can offer their advice and support on a variety of different types of construction disputes.



Construction payment disputes: including pay less notices, payment in default, retention claims, interim payment and final account issues, late/non-payment, interest, and cost claims, in addition to illegal payment clauses such as ‘pay when paid’.



Construction delays: including loss and expense claims for damages caused by disruption owing to delays and dealing with Extension of Time Quantum Claims. Most construction projects end up with delays, but those which aren’t rectified can lead to disputes and even liquidated damages.



Liquidated damages which are pre-determined damages mentioned in the construction contract agreement, and that both parties agree to being the amount to recover if the contract is breached.



Construction defects and contra charges: including defective work/poor workmanship.



Additional construction work beyond scope or contract alterations



Contract terminations/walkouts and claims arising from termination of contractor agreements.



Design errors and poor construction quality if the construction process is not according to the contract drawings and specifications stated in the contract.




By analyzing the contract and each parties’ performance throughout the duration of the project, our consultants can identify liability, quantify damages, and assist in resolving the dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Construction disputes can be avoided by effective negotiation, and many contractors and/or building owners choose to involve the expertise of a construction claims consulting firm to avoid costly litigation. Find out more about how we can help you with your claim by contacting our experienced and dedicated team today.