Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Owning a home comes with a wide range of unique tasks and a lot of responsibility. Fortunately, a good general contractor can help you achieve all your home improvement goals. As a construction expert, your contractor will oversee your home improvement projects efficiently and properly. Some of the most important questions you need to ask to make the right decision include:


Do You Have a License?

Cities, counties, and states have different requirements for getting a contracting license. However, your contractor should have more than a business license. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that the contractor you hire has all the required certifications in specific fields of expertise.


Would You Provide an Itemized Bid?

Many contractors choose to provide a single, bottom-line bid for a project. Unfortunately, such a bid can put you in the dark in determining the price of each aspect of your project. For instance, if you choose to eliminate a certain aspect of the project, how much credit should you get? With a single, non-itemized bid, you have no way of knowing.

An itemized bid will also make it easier for you to compare different contactors. It will help you figure out your options if you want to cut costs. Furthermore, an itemized bid may eliminate disputes later since it will act as valuable documentation about the project’s scope. A good contractor should not give you a hard time when you ask for an itemized bid. Otherwise, it is a red flag.


How Long Have You Worked as a Contractor?

You want a contractor with many years of experience. Experienced contractors usually have controls and systems designed to help them complete projects on time and within budget. You may also choose to hire a highly experienced contractor who is a relatively new business owner. In case of any doubts, start them off with a simple project and then move on to the next project if satisfied with their work.


What Type of Insurance Do You Carry?

You want to get certain answers in response to this important question. Your contractor should carry general liability insurance. In the event of an accident, this type of insurance will protect your home and property.

If the contractor hits the water line and floods your home, for example, they will pay for the cost of fixing the problem. Your contractor should also have workers’ compensation insurance. In case someone suffers an injury while working on your property, this type of insurance will protect you from liability.


Can You Provide References?

You should talk to people who previously hired the contractor you are considering hiring. Ask them about their experience, as well as the final product. You should also discuss the contractor’s professionalism, timeliness, budgeting, and anything else you need to know.

Other questions to ask before hiring a contractor include:

  • What is the expected timeline for my project?
  • Will you work with subcontractors?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • How will you supervise the project?
  • What is your usual payment schedule?
  • How do you communicate with clients?

To make your home project a success, you need to know the questions to ask before hiring a contractor. A trustworthy contractor with lots of experience and a good reputation can make a huge difference.

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