The Future of Technology in Construction

As the population of the United States continues to grow, we see continued increase and stability for quality builders throughout the country. Unfortunately, this rapid growth can also harbor several poor contractors that do not perform work to a standard and cut corners that ultimately leave their customers in a costly or even deadly situation. At Cor Consulting Group, we make sure that we are constantly on the cutting edge of technologies available for construction. This means that any of the services that we provide will offer you the most value. Here is a look at how technology will play a role in the future of the construction market.





The ability to actually get above an area where you are working and get a bird’s eye view used to be something that could only be done by hiring a helicopter, airplane, or a crane to look over a job site. However, drones now allow the construction industry to get a detailed image from several angles on their job site on demand. This oversight can help to identify issues as soon as they happen and is also used to help document a job well done.


Additional capabilities from drones offer the ability to conduct surveys, map, prevent theft of equipment and products, and utilize augmented reality to help visualize a structural plan throughout the build process.



This technology is widely recognized as a relatively inexpensive but valuable tool that is ready for use. 74% of construction firms polled in a recent study said that they were planning on making investments into advanced technology within the next three years. It is easy to see that those who are not willing to keep pace with scientific advances may be quickly left behind and unable to market themselves back into the industry.





These devices are currently being used in other job arenas to help identify areas that are prone to accidents or risk, help to immediately alert rescue personnel to where they are needed, or track a job site to identify areas where they are losing productivity.



Machine Learning


There is a lot of buzz right now about machine learning. While the news tends to pick up stories about some of the wacky lines or songs that a computer puts together, the construction industry is focusing on some of the huge potential benefits. Machine learning may be utilized in construction by drafting floor plans that meet all of the specifications that are desired and meet all of the applicable codes for your area. In addition, machine learning could utilize 3-dimensional digital models that are checked against the actual building to identify risks or errors in the construction.





While the global population continues to soar, many people who work closely with the construction industry will quickly tell you of their difficulty in finding employees on the ground to complete a job. Many construction companies are now looking at how to reduce the necessary workforce so they can still complete jobs on time and within budget. Prefabrication offers reduced costs at the job site with faster builds on their end. This helps to control the timeline of each project by eliminating the potential for error or waste.





While the construction industry continues to grow right now, Cor Consulting Group is specifically positioning itself to stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation so that we can offer you the best product available on the market. We want to ensure that you get the right end product that suits your needs and that you are comfortable with the entire process. If you would like to know more about how we are integrating technology into our workflow, call The Core Consulting Group Inc. in San Diego, CA today 858-693-3008.