Defect Investigation, Research and Analysis

CORE photographically documents as-built built conditions. Following analysis, the photos are stored on a database system in order to easily access relevant photos and documents for possible future courtroom exhibits.

Forensic Architecture

CORE staff of Architects assess a variety of existing projects including retail, mixed use, industrial, residential, high rise condos and commercial construction. The process includes ascertaining the failure mechanism(s) and preparing written reports, drawings , specifications and recommendations unique for each project. The CORE goal is always to provide the most cost effective solution to the problem.

Building Envelope

CORE professionals are trained to assess the various building envelope systems. These include Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS), Curtain Wall/Fenestration Systems, Stucco, hardboard and other cladding materials.

Roofing and Waterproofing Systems

CORE staff professionals include licensed Architects and Contractors uniquely qualified to assess the performance of roofing and waterproofing systems. CORE’s forensic experts are members of the Roofing Consultants Institute (RCI) and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Cost of Repair Estimates

CORE CPE’s prepare repair recommendations and Cost of Repair Estimates for existing, remedial and new construction projects. CORE’s detailed cost of repair estimates utilize itemized breakdowns and verifiable costs for building owners and litigated matters.

SB-800 Investigation-Evaluation-Resolution

CORE provides the timely investigation and analysis necessary for the fast pace of the legislative requirements of California Civil Code Section 896 et seq. CORE assist builders in the SB800 process from initial violation to final resolution.

Core Solutions
At Core Consulting Group Inc. we have a program called “Core Solutions.” Developers are continually defending against lawsuits arising out of “mass solicitation.” Plaintiff firms go door to door within developments signing up homeowners who are all too willing to join a lawsuit in light of the current economic environment. With “Core Solutions” our insurance/claims specialists follow right behind the plaintiff firms and meet directly with the homeowners. The team at Core is well suited to meet with the individual homeowner, determine a resolution to any problems the homeowner is having with their home, and settle the claim immediately. These early resolutions result in reduced fees and costs normally incurred during litigation. Further, the developer’s customers are happy to have an early and fair resolution.

Code Analysis

CORE’s extensive library of building codes and standards are utilized as reference for project design and evaluation of existing buildings. The appropriate Building Codes and applicable governmental local requirements are guidelines utilized and applied for specific project compliance.

Construction Disputes

CORE’s group of architects and contractors will assist clients in the management of all disciplines necessary to address the claims arising out of complex construction disputes.

Builders Risk

Third Party Compliance, Independent third party inspections, QA work and peer review of building plans. CORE will review and comment on building plans prior to construction as well as inspect new construction during the numerous phases of construction.

Expert Witness Testimony

CORE’s designated expert witnesses have provided extensive deposition, arbitration and trial testimony and experience involving complex construction defect or personal injury claims. CORE experts have also extensive mediation experience and have provided neutral expert services when parties are divided. CORE provides exhibits and graphics for use effective use at mediation, arbitration and trial settings.

Contract Review & Allocations

CORE services include a comprehensive review and analysis of contracts relating to construction disputes. CORE will provide allocations of responsibility based on scope of work and deficiencies related to various trades. Allocations are an important tool in the settlement process.

Surety Bond Claims

CORE’s services include the evaluation and assistance in surety and delay claims.

1st Party Property Loss and 3rd Party Liability

Independent Adjusters (IA) for Construction Related Claims CORE assists building owners, developers and the insurance community by investigating, documenting, and analyzing documents for first and third party claims. Claims related to water loss, earthquake, hurricane, fire loss and construction defects are investigated, documented and reported (including cost of repair) according to the clients needs.

Architectural Design

CORE’s staff of architects have the experience and knowledge required to provide construction plans and specifications for new construction, renovation, remodeling and repair work.


CORE is able to take the information and analysis gained during the forensic analysis process and apply it to the design and management of the reconstruction process.